Keeping you connected safely

ARA Electrical’s commitment to safety, quality, and environmental management is fundamental to providing and prioritising a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, subcontractors and anyone who may be affected by our electrical services.

Our objective is to provide the highest level of quality workmanship on all our projects, whilst preventing all workplace and environmental incidents.

Our management system is continually improved as part of an ongoing program of monitoring, inspection, audit and review.

This management system is universal across ARA Electrical, and aims for:

  • The identification, elimination and management of potential hazards and risks
  • Applied best practice, not just compliance with legislative and client requirements
  • Continual improvement through employee education and training
  • The highest level of quality workmanship and service
  • Mindfulness of environmental impact
  • Staff to return home safely every day

We lead a proactive approach to safety as all ARA Electrical receive on-the-job education and training in safety, quality and environmental awareness and overall electrical safety.


ARA Electrical has a dedicated team of WHSQE professionals who possess many years of experience in multiple industry types. This team deals with all aspects of work health and safety, quality and environmental management throughout ARA Electrical, and is always available to assist on all projects to ensure the delivery of a high standard of WHQE.

Safety Management – AS 4801
We are dedicated to providing an effective health and safety management system throughout our electric company.

Electrical Safety Management - AS 4801

Quality Management – ISO 9001
We offer the highest quality management with a strong focus on the customer, our process approach and its continual improvement.

Electrical Quality Management - ISO 9001

Environmental Management – ISO 14001
We take the management of our environmental responsibility very seriously and take this responsibility into account across every electrical project.

Electrical Environmental Management System - ISO 14001

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