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Provider of condition monitoring services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to all industries.

A condition based maintenance program allows for the efficient use of site resources and offers significant financial benefits.

Motor testing

The use of a combination of proven and reliable condition monitoring techniques enables the motor or generator owner to confidently move from a time based maintenance regime to a condition based maintenance regime. A condition based maintenance program allows for the efficient use of site resources and offers significant financial benefits.

No single test can identify all potential fault mechanisms. Which is why we utilise the following tests to determine the condition of electrical rotating assets and to identify potential failure mechanisms:

  • Symmetry – Resistance / Inductance
  • Insulation Resistance
  • DC Hipot – Step Voltage
  • Polarisation Index
  • On-line and Off-line Partial Discharge
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor
  • AC and DC Voltage Drop
  • Current Spectrum Analysis
  • Instantaneous Power Analysis
  • Current In-rush
  • Capacitance

Thermal imaging

With increasing demand to cut costs and remain competitive, many companies are expanding their maintenance programs to include predictive and proactive technologies such as infrared thermography.

We offer thermography services carried out by qualified electricians with Level 2 or Level 1 certification.

Detailed full colour reports detailing IR and visual images, fault severity, fault description and recommendations are issued for every survey. These reports are utilised by maintenance personnel to action identified problems and by insurance companies for compliance audits.

Infrared scans are the fastest way to identify heat generating faults not visible to the human eye.

Common uses for this technology include identification of problems in:

  • Electrical assets such as switchboards, cables and motors
  • Rotating component failures in gearbox assemblies and conveyors
  • Furnace and heat plant inefficiencies due to failing refractory / insulation
  • Production problems such as blockages and incorrect levels
Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced across a wide range of industries from mining, utilities, infrastructure, processing, military and transport.

Ultrasonic testing

With concerns regarding access and arc flash exposure, thermal imaging is becoming increasingly difficult on some high voltage installations. Ultrasonics coupled with TEV measurements allows for non intrusive assessment of high voltage installations in a safe and accurate manner prior to an in service failure.

All high voltage assets will have some level of partial discharge occurring either internally or on the surface of the insulation. TEV readings taken, can be quantified to determine the severity of any internal discharge problems and any required investigations or maintenance strategies.

We offer electrical ultrasonic and TEV (transient earth voltage) measurement for identification of potentially dangerous and costly conditions in high voltage systems.

Ultrasonic inspection of the assets allows for easy identification of surface tracking that may lead to erosion of insulation and the deposit of potentially conductive surface contamination.

Ultrasonic and TEV detection have become the technology of choice for safe unobtrusive High Voltage electrical inspections.

Typical applications include:

  • Transmission and distribution lines
  • Substation inspections / audits
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers

Power factor correction unit servicing and repair

To provide a highly efficient and stable supply of energy to your facility, servicing and repairing your power factor correction units will ensure they are maintaining a stable supply and reducing the energy consumption, therefore reducing costs to your operations.

We offer the repair and servicing of power factor correction units by our qualified electricians.

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Integrated electrical and communication solutions

ARA Electrical is a specialist in delivering fully integrated electrical and communications solutions. We provide a range of high-quality, customer-driven solutions for clients across multiple industries –; mining and resources; infrastructure; defence; steel; renewables and government – through our four key capability areas:

Service and Maintenance

Operating 24/7 to provide clients with scheduled and reactive maintenance, repairs, and risk assessments.

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Manufacturing reliable, quality solutions through a large range of innovative products built to Australian and international standards.

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Providing all aspects of electrical project management, installation and construction.

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Designing and engineering innovative solutions for a range of electrical projects.

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Industry Specialisation

ARA Electrical maintains the highest standard in  safety, quality, environmental and risk management throughout the industry and has achieved certification in the ISO45001, ISO9001 & ISO14001.

Our experience in meeting the expectations in sectors such as mining, infrastructure and steel makes ARA Electrical the ideal choice for any commercial or industrial electrical projects.



Contracting to the mining industry is like no other and requires contractors to comply with the most stringent safety and workplace health regulations in Australia.



ARA Electrical’s long-standing experience as a specialist contractor to the mining industry and strong focus on safety, risk management and quality positions us as one of the leading electrical contractors for other public-funded infrastructure projects.



We can design, procure, install, monitor, service and maintain electrical infrastructure that supports the renewables solutions for commercial and industrial facilities looking to improve on running costs or make the switch to renewable on-site generation systems.



Acquiring defence specialist provider Interactive Cabling in early 2021, ARA Electrical now integrates more than 30 years’ experience working with the defence sector into our existing highly-skilled team.



Whether it’s a large government-funded infrastructure project or ongoing servicing and maintenance for electrical systems within local council or other government departments, ARA Electrical has the skills, processes and focus on safety, quality and risk management to undertake any government work.



ARA Electrical has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation in providing quality electrical services to some of the largest providers in the steel industry.