ARA Electrical is an accredited Level 2 Authorised Service Provider. This means that we are accredited to complete disconnect and reconnect services, electrical work on underground service conductors, installation of metering and other network operator service equipment.

The disconnect and reconnect of electrical wiring, replacement of equipment and testing of optimal operation is important for the safe and efficient service of all your electrical equipment. A level 2 electrician from ARA Electrical can safely and expertly service your electrical equipment.

Our teams service overhead or underground power supply. Whether working on an existing site or on new premises, we can provide the electrical installation of your service line as well as provide necessary repairs. Click HERE to read about the ASP2 work completed on the Bulga Optimisation Project.

We also install metering for meter types 5 to 6 depending on your requirements. ARA Electrical can have your electrical system functioning at its highest level, saving you time on breakdowns and reducing the need of electrical repair.

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