ARA Electrical is a market leader in the provision of hazardous area electrical installation in the highly competitive fields of oil and gas, mining and food manufacturing. A hazardous area might be defined as an atmosphere that is deemed explosive, such as an area containing flammable goods or combustible dust.

We have successfully installed hazardous area electrical systems for electrical work on aerosol filling facilities, coal seam gas extraction and compression stations, DIP installations for grain and sugar storage and handling, CNG compression and refuelling stations for public utilities, distillery installations, marina refuelling and distribution facilities, and coal handling and processing upgrades.

Our expertise includes the classification of hazardous zones and our engineering consultants provide written reports informing you how to best meet your legislative responsibilities. We also provide hazardous area dossiers for the ongoing electrical safety of your site.

As industrial electrical contractors, we have an ongoing commitment to training in hazardous areas which has seen approximately 30 personnel achieve Statements of Attainment in Hazardous Area Inspection and Installation Techniques. This training has been further reinforced with refresher training conducted regularly with updates on the latest changes to the Australian Standards communicated to all personnel and incorporated into our Safety Management System.

ARA Electrical has been recognised for its long-term presence and level of expertise in the field, and has received multiple NECA Excellence Awards directly related to hazardous area electrical installation projects. Click HERE to read about our NECA award for the installation of the Port Kembla Grinding Mill.

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