ARA Electrical conducts audits that include comprehensive assessments of lighting, HVAC, and general loads, BMS controls and equipment upgrade opportunities. Following on from these audits, ARA can implement the recommended improvement measures right through to commissioning and ongoing service management strategies.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

The entry level cost-saving opportunity has been – and may continue to be – establishing Power Factor Correction (PFC) systems at facilities. If deemed viable, the payback is almost always shorter than any other energy saving measure. However, the benefit is directly related to the existing Power Factor at peak load and the tariff at the site. Improving a poor power factor may have no financial benefit if the site electricity tariff is not conducive. An ARA Electrical PFC Viability Assessment will determine whether PFC is worthwhile, and if so, the associated costs and savings.

Lighting System Upgrade

Upgrading the lighting in your facility can result in significant savings in energy and electricity costs, as well as improving light levels and staff amenity as a result. This is particularly the case when upgrading from metal halide downlights, metal arc high bays and old fluorescent lights. Our design team will review the existing system, light levels and electricity bills in order to provide a report for replacement and/or upgrade. This report will outline details on cost-benefit which includes paybacks, maintenance savings as well as warranty and light lifetimes.

Heating Ventilation and Cooling System Optimisation

Our professional staff can design a system which will deliver tighter control of outside air stream for ventilation requirements to improve indoor conditions. Airside control systems improve building performance (by reducing drafts in zone spaces) and significantly reduce temperature complaints.

Tenant satisfaction can be achieved over a wide range of conditions as a result of self-optimised airflow management. Reduced plant loading will improve plant life cycle and maintenance costs; which ultimately leads to a significant reduction of plant energy consumption. ARA Electrical can help achieve and maintain comfort conditions and reduce unnecessary fan performance increases through the increased utilisation of chiller plants.

Existing Asset Status and Life Assessment

ARA Electrical can conduct status assessments including expected life and replacement costs on all building services including Electrical, Lighting, BMS, Plumbing and Lifts. These assessments are provided by the individual team specialists in the related areas and are significantly more accurate as a result.