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Electrical design of optical fibre cabling for installation by ARA Electrical.

Optical Fibre Systems

Optical fibre cables are often required for various electrical projects as they have the ability to transmit data over hundreds of kilometres and also have a much greater bandwidth than copper cables. Depending on the capability or ‘amount of data’ your system needs will decide whether you need an optical fibre system. ARA Electrical are experts in the electric design, installation and maintenance of optical fibre systems.

With experience in a variety of applications such as mining, surface and underground works, commercial, industrial and military, we design and construct solutions for transmission of CCTV, audio, security, data, LAN traffic and SCADA.

We do intensive testing on the integrity of drums of optical fibre cable and terminate cable through fusion splicing or direct connection where necessary. We use leading edge Fluke DSX instruments for testing single and multimode cables of optical power and attenuation measurements.

Our 24/7 on call service team can undertake emergency repair of broken fibre cable with each mobile vehicle carrying testing and fault analysis equipment and 240V power. ARA Electrical technicians are experienced in all aspects of electrical services including optical fibre systems.

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