ARAHV (Transelect) scope was to co ordinate and carry out construction works as per 33kv and 11 kv design from Endeavour Energy. Two new 33KV feeders from West Tomerong TS to supply Tomerong ZS , also three new 33KV feeders to supply Huskisson ZS, Sussex Inlet ZS and Yatte Yatte ZS . Outgoing 11KV feeders were underground 11KV.

The Overhead Feeder Construction and Augment included:
Replacement and removal of approx 120 poles as per designs including installation of approx 20KM of new 33KV conductor, termination of OPGW at UGOH poles and testing of the OPGW fibre prior to installation and post installation.

Project: Tomerong 33KV Transmission Mains Construction & Civil Works

Location: Tomerong, South Coast NSW

Completion: January 2014