ARA Renewable Energy provides solar PV systems for large-scale renewable energy projects throughout Australia. As the first step to establishing a solar system, our solar PV viability assessment provides high level independent advice on whether investing in an on-site generation system makes good economic and environmental sense. The assessment will take into account the site electricity consumption totals and annual profile, and based on the available roof space, it will determine the optimum system size. Our modelling provides accurate generation estimates and the associated value of the generation in grid offsets. This provides the basis for payback determination and the financial viability of the investment accordingly.

In addition to ARA Renewable Energy’s Solar System Viability Assessments, we can provide in-house High Voltage Design, Switchboard Design and Manufacture, and all Installation and Metering requirements; allowing us to tackle projects of any scale.

Summary of findings for a 99kW site:


Summary Installed Capacity (kW) 99
Array Output (kWh/year) 136,864
Export to Grid (kWh/year) 3,033
Carbon reduction (tCO2e/year) 144
Site consumption (kWh/year) 604,803
System cost for supply and install standard component ($ ex GST) $178,200
Estimated Revenue from STCs ($ ex GST) refer note on STC $61,341
Total Cost after STC ($ ex GST) $116,859
Simple Payback after STC/LGC rebate (years) 5.08


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