ARA Electrical provides electrical services in the Port Macquarie area. Trading as Transelect, a Level 1 Accredited Service Provider (ASP) authorised with Level 3 design, we supply electrical power line infrastructure, overhead and underground power poles and cable installation, as well as high voltage and low voltage transmission, in the mid north coast region of NSW. 


ARA Electrical Port Macquarie

High Voltage Power Supply – ARA Electrical Port Macquarie


ARA Electrical High Voltage Services Pty Ltd Trading as Transelect has gained industry-wide recognition for our extensive capabilities and the proficiency of our electrical technicians. With Level 1 ASP accreditation and Level 3 design authorisation, the Transelect team is qualitied to design and provide construction services for overhead installations up to 132kV and underground installations up to 66kV.

Both the design and construction of transmission and distribution networks carried out by Transelect meet the approval standards of the Ausgrid, Essential Energy and Endeavour Energy networks.


ARA Electrical Port Macquarie

Overhead power lines, Underground Power Supply – ARA Electrical Port Macquarie


  • Level 1 Construction – Transmission / Distribution
  • Level 3 Design and Engineering Plant and Equipment – Overhead and Underground Infrastructure
  • Protection Design, Electrical Testing and Commissioning
  • Optical Fibre Systems
  • Substation and Switchyard
  • Private Network Maintenance Management
  • Earthing Studies and Design
  • Communications


  • Overhead and underground transmission, distribution and low voltage networks
  • Supply of overhead and underground electrical power line infrastructure
  • Supply of poles, cables, street lighting, substations and general materials at competitive prices


Installations carried out by our qualified team incorporate any combination of the following works, including cable jointing:

  • New network construction
  • Network asset relocation
  • Network augmentation
  • Removal of redundant network assets


Customers can engage Transelect to design and construct electrical reticulation systems for:

  • Urban residential development subdivisions
  • Industrial park subdivisions
  • Non-urban subdivisions e.g. rural overhead extensions
  • Mining, industrial and commercial sites
  • Network augmentations, asset relocations and connections of load
  • Public lighting networks

Transelect has offices in Heatherbrae, Nowra, Sydney, Wauchope, and Wollongong and delivers electrical services throughout Australia.

Contact the Wauchope office today on 02 6586 4302.

ASP1: Class 1A, 1B; Grade A, #2120