Every electrical network must be serviced and maintained to stay functional and effective. ARA Electrical efficiently maintains your electrical work through planned maintenance and reactive electrical repair.

Arriving at your private network, an electrician will assess the site, inspecting powerlines, the need for diversions or removals and potential defects in need of repair. We audit the sites operational and maintenance protocols and bring your site up to speed where necessary ensuring electrical safety. We manage your geographic maintenance system (GIS) management plans, perform fault level and power studies and maintain vegetation control. Secondary injection testing and earthing system testing and electrical repair is also provided where necessary.

All replacement electrical installation is done by our expert engineers for overhead powerlines of up to 132kV, and underground of up to 66kV. We also install switchgear, electrical switches and pole and ground mounted substations.

ARA Electrical will speak to supply authorities on your behalf as we operate and maintain every aspect of your site, keeping you connected and fully operational at all times.

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