Earthing studies and design is all about electrical safety. Through earthing or grounding your electrical system, ARA Electrical keeps your consumers safe from electric shock, whilst preventing electrical overload and potential damage to your assets and equipment.

From electrical system design to installation, testing and commissioning, we deliver a system wide approach with a focus on electrical safety to provide a safe working environment; ensuring that your earthing associated risks are minimised and adequately managed.

A Design Engineer commences with soil resistivity tests, where we gather the necessary electrical system installation data and fault levels. Following the initial electrical testing analysis, an earthing system design is prepared. We can also carry out the electrical installation of the earthing system, followed by testing and commissioning by way of visual assessment, continuity and injection testing.

ARA Electrical can also provide you with a written commissioning report by capturing the results of the analysis upon completion of all electrical projects requiring earthing design.

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